Electric Heating Pad For Back Pain Cramps

The Heating Pad That Will Melt Your Pain Away

Muscle aches and cramps can be the worst pain ever especially when your constantly experiencing them. Use this electric heating pad to help relieve cramps, joint and muscle pain. Heat therapy increases the blood flow to the sore aching areas of your body helping muscles to relax and allowing for quicker healing.

 heating pads for back pain cramps

heating pads for back pain cramps

Safest Heat Weighted Massaging Pad Warming Blankets

The Revolutionary Heat Weighted Massaging Pad combines the benefits of weighted pressure with the soothing relief of an extra-large heating pad. The secret is the soothing heat that gets absorbed into the weighted clay beads delivering heat therapy to muscles and joints. 

This Heating Pad is unlike any heating pad you’ve tried before. It does not get “red hot” to the touch. Instead, it uses Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat that penetrates up to 3” of bone and muscle to melt away aches and stress.


TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: Practical heat therapy for your neck, shoulders, spine, and a leg to promote blood circulation and relieve pain (please avoid folding it when it’s turned on in case of damage; for instructions, please refer to the user guide)

SOOTHING HEAT IN 30 SECONDS: High-quality wire and advanced heating system allow it to quickly heat up to your chosen level, offers 6 therapeutic heat therapy settings for custom relief.

SAFE USE: Built-in NTC thermistor for overheating protection, and the default timer auto shuts off after 2hrs for you to safely use while reading or watching a movie without worrying.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Heat preservation time: 6 hours and under 
  • Power: 51-75W
  • Length:  24"/60cm
  • Width:  12"/30cm

    Package Includes

    • 1 x Electric Infrared Heating Pad
    • 1 x Controller
    • 1 x Manual